Career Fair at IÉSEG

As an MBA student, you will gain access to resources provided by the Career Center including events like CV workshops, corporate webinars, and career fairs. Below is current MBA student Kristine Berglund’s account of the latest career fair:

Last Thursday, 17th of March, I attended the IÉSEG Career Fair organized by my school IÉSEG School of Management. This year the fair was online, so I logged in to the platform a couple of minutes before the clock hit 10am and waited for my appointment with the European Central Bank, one of the companies attending the fair. I had booked a meeting with the HR representative to discuss their traineeships and get a better understanding of ECB as a workplace and the organization. 20 minutes went by and I was now a bit more familiar with the European Central Bank in Frankfurt. The internships sounded very intriguing to me, and I decided to apply for a couple of different ones that the HR representative and I had discussed during our chat.

This is just one example of the Career Fair’s purpose. Students can book meetings with a number of companies operating mainly in France but also in Belgium, Germany and other countries in the world. The point of the meetings is to gain insights about the companies, do some networking and even actively try to secure an internship. From my perspective, the bigger companies were attending with the purpose of answering student’s questions while the smaller companies, a couple of intriguing startups among them, were attending the fair to actively recruit IÉSEG students. There were over 90 companies at this year’s online fair.

After a couple of meetings, the fair ended at 5pm and I shut down my computer and went out for a walk to reflect on my recent encounters and plan my next steps toward landing the right internship for me!


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