Best Places to Study in Paris

  1. The library at IÉSEG’s Promenade building

As an International MBA student, you’ll be assigned various projects and presentations as well as exams to study for. Below are the most popular places to study at according to this year’s MBA class.

One of the most popular places to study is in IÉSEG’s main building in La Defense, the Promenade. With computers, printers, and a balcony it’s a quiet and effective place to get work done.

  • Cafés

A great way to explore new places while also being productive is at the Paris’s charming cafes. Some of the class’s favorites are Strada in the 5th arrondissement, Loustic in the 3rd, and Wild and the Moon.

  • La Grande Arche Lounge on the 31st floor

One of the perks of being in the IMBA program is access to La Grande Arche. Most of our classes are on the 31st floor. It comes with a lounge, free coffee, and a great view so a lot of students stay after class to do their work.

  • Coworking Spaces

Another option for those that are looking to get into the city are coworking spaces. One like HUBSY Café provides wifi, coffee, and snacks for a daily rate.

  • Your apartment

One of the most popular study spots among the 21-22 class is your own apartment! Whether you end up living in La Defense or Paris, one’s apartment is always a cozy place to get focused and no matter where you choose to study, you’ll need some music to get in the zone! This playlist has been composed with all of this year’s IMBA students’ favorite songs.


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