Portrait: Meredith, IMBA Student and professional ballet dancer

Meredith - Why did you choose dancing and how did you become a professional dancer?  I started dancing at a very young age – I was 5 or 6 – and I fell in love with the art form right away. When I was  13, I started training 6 days a week and I  became … Continue reading Portrait: Meredith, IMBA Student and professional ballet dancer


My IMBA Story

Hello, I am Sunil, after graduating on the field of Pharmaceutical science in 2016, I spent 2 years working in India and approximate 1.5 years in different projects in Czech Republic, Portugal, Sweden, Netherlands, Japan, & Hungary. In 2020, I wanted to leave my comfort zone and was interested in gaining more skills about Leadership, … Continue reading My IMBA Story


‘Daddy, I got an admission in IESEG School of Management in Paris!!!” I told my Dad who had no idea about my secret application. It was like a big shock to him👀. At first, he smiled. Then I explained to him that I had paid the application fee and had attended 2 interviews before I … Continue reading Paris!

My IMBA Journey

What was the product that took you a very long time to choose and decide before you buy? This was one of the questions that we discussed in the course of Consumer Behavior during the confinement period. My immediate answer was IMBA programme. I was born and grown up in Malaysia, a multicultural country with … Continue reading My IMBA Journey