IMBA Field Trip (1)

Each year the IMBA class will have a field trip for us to learn about different regions of Europe and its culture features by visiting companies and the businesses in each location. Not to mention that the trip is also paid by the school!!!  The trip is usually scheduled in April in the week of … Continue reading IMBA Field Trip (1)


Can an MBA be fun?

Is doing an MBA tough? Of course, it is! Classes, presentations, essays, group work, projects, exams, networking, reading, more reading… So… can an MBA be fun at all? Sure, it can! Well, at least here, at IÉSEG , we have fun! Let me just share few stories. Project Management- being a contractor for President Nicolas … Continue reading Can an MBA be fun?

Don’t be taken by surprise. “Le French” survival kit.

Being married to a French guy, having visited France many times before our final move, I thought I knew France quite well. But how little did I know? When moving to a new country, you need to be prepared and open for the various cultural differences that you might face. Some of them are quite … Continue reading Don’t be taken by surprise. “Le French” survival kit.