Is doing an MBA tough? Of course, it is! Classes, presentations, essays, group work, projects, exams, networking, reading, more reading… So… can an MBA be fun at all? Sure, it can! Well, at least here, at IÉSEG , we have fun! Let me just share few stories.

Project Management- being a contractor for President Nicolas Sarkozy

Last week, we had a Project Management course. I had no single experience in this subject before joining the class, therefore I had expected rather long hours in front of excel. Nothing could be more wrong. We learned the principles of Project Management by building LEGO houses and preparing a project (a house with a large wardrobe and jacuzzi) for President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla. The project got approved 😊 Carla was satisfied. That was F*U*N!

Playing EU Commission

Being a European citizen and regularly screening all the news regarding Brexit, I thought how much more could I learn about the EU? Well, participating in the European Union lobbying and negotiating course, indeed, I had a chance to learn much more, in an unexpected, interactive way.

During the class, we were acting as the European Commission and our task was to approve new legislation regarding kids toys. It took us all day to negotiate and accept a new law. A day full of lobbying and improving our negotiating and communication skills. That was a great experience!

Learning French in the field

Most of us are used to learn foreign languages in boring ways. Sitting behind a desk, doing grammar exercises, reading short stories, and in best cases – participating in group conversations… Right? Well, at IÉSEG , we are trying to learn French in a more interactive way. Therefore, one day we had a walk in Montmartre to discover Paris and its history. Another day, as part of our French class, we participated in Salon des Vins (French Wine Fair). Wine tasting was a great opportunity for us to interact and talk directly to the exhibitors, learning about the proper way of drinking wine and recognizing different wine strains.

Recently we had our French class… at the restaurant, where we learn how to cook French dishes with a real French chef!

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Manager courses- real case study

During this MBA session, we had the chance to act as a consultant for 2 companies- Whoomies and The Computer Firm. Our class was divided into 5 groups with a dedicated task- suggest solutions for a real issue that the companies were facing at that time.

Imagine working for a company you have never heard about before, in an industry that you have never worked in before (and it is not necessarily related to your area of expertise or interest). That was a challenging, but FUN task at the same time. A great opportunity to decide for yourself whether Consulting is something for you!

Learning expeditions

Company visits during the MBA courses are great opportunities to gain industry insights and expand our professional networks.

So far, we had the chance to get inside companies such as: Engie, Suez, Sodexo, General Electrics, many start-ups, and incubators. We just came back from a road trip in Europe, where we visited Google and Leonteq in Zurich, Westwing in Munich and Ernst & Young in Luxemburg.

Doing an MBA is an unforgettable experience that requires a lot of time and energy. But, as you can see, it can also be fun! It all depends on the professor (the way he/she prepares the course) and the class participants (they create the learning environment).

Furthermore, at the end of the day, do not forget that doing an International MBA, it’s all about making friends for a lifetime and creating a network all around the world. We haven’t graduated yet, but I can already say that I have friends and a professional network all around the world!

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