IMBA Field Trip (1)

Each year the IMBA class will have a field trip for us to learn about different regions of Europe and its culture features by visiting companies and the businesses in each location. Not to mention that the trip is also paid by the school!!!  The trip is usually scheduled in April in the week of the Easter break. As this trip is scheduled at the last month of the IMBA course, we are less occupied by the school coursework which allow us to spend some wonderful moments with the colleagues together before we graduate.

This year our destination is Zurich, Munich and Luxemburg. We left Paris by bus with a team of 27 (with Nicole & Jacob), it was a long way to Zurich by bus yet fun. Our first stop was Zurich in Switzerland and we had a visit to Google engineering office. The location is one of their largest engineering sites in Europe. With only a short walk from their office, you can see the gorgeous Lake Zurich! Specially thanks to Florence Poirel, an IÉSEG alumni helped to organised this Google visit for us. Florence and her colleagues also guided us for a tour in the office. And YES – I can tell you that their office is very cool! It is an extremely employee-friendly workplace with free canteen, game room, massage room, gym and a sleeping aquarium!!

Florence also made a presentation about the innovation to us about Google innovation concept “Think Big, Fail Fast”. A lot of us may fear of failure. Failure is indeed not a bad thing, the question is how and how fast you discover that the thing you are working on is the wrong thing to be working on; and if thing fails, they need to fail quick. The intention was “to learn as fast as we can, to fail as fast as we can”. We have a lot to takeaway from this visit, thanks Florence!

Zurich is the global centre for banking and finance, and of course we did not miss out this opportunity to visit some finance company. We had a visit to Leonteq who is a finance service company providing Investment Solutions and Insurance & Wealth Planning Solutions to clients. We have been demonstrated how the Leonteq platform help connecting buyers and sellers of different structured products. I am not from a Finance background, but through visiting the company I gained a wider angle on how a financial service company looks like and it broaden much my horizon! After the visits, of course we have the chance to see the city with some cultural visits. We did a walking tour in the old town. With the business and cultural values Zurich is offering, no wonder it is known as one of the world’s best quality of life city.


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