Is an MBA doable while being a parent? Well, that is what I’ve tried to explain in my previous post:

But if you need more evidence- here you go!

Let me introduce the very brave moms and a dad with their stories.

Be empowered and inspired!

“Parisian adventure” by Maitee Castaneda

Maitee and her 5 years old amazing girl!

Almost one year ago I made a lifechanging decision; not only for me but my entire family.

I am a Peruvian hospitality manager married to a Colombian chef and mother of a five-year-old amazing girl. We were living in Peru, a peaceful life, taking one day at the time but we realized that in order to achieve our goals we needed to alter our status quo taking advantage of our age and that our kid can easily move with us.

I started looking for possible options and France was the most appealing for me taking into consideration that I speak the language and my sister was already living here doing her undergrad studies in Paris.

When I got my admission letter, it was a bitter-sweet moment as I knew my life was about the drastically change. My husband and I decided that it was best for me to come with my daughter and that he will stay back home working. We have never been apart this long. I could not go back; our future was no longer in our home country.

First months were difficult, I cannot lie, I had never been alone with my daughter, always had my entire family by my side. She was also frustrated as she could not understand her classmate or the teacher. I used to cry a lot, wanted just to go back but the sacrifice we already made would have been in vain. Now, after first semester is finished, I can say I do not regret being here, certainly it has been rough, but I am convinced that this program is taking out the best of me and showing me that I am stronger than what I thought.

“… if you are passionate about what you want to achieve in life, you get your answers.“ by Deepa Singaravelpalani

I have 2 kids. A girl aged 8 and a boy, aged 5. I took a huge break from career to raise my kids (the break lasted almost 7 years). Last year I enrolled for MBA through exchange program – SPJIMR, Mumbai + IÉSEG, Paris.

Deepa and her brave kids!

I could not uproot my kids for my studies, as it didn’t make sense to move them from their home, just for one year. Hence, I went alone to pursue MBA in Mumbai, leaving my kids under the expert supervision of my mom (she is the only one I trust after myself) and my husband. In January, I have moved to Paris for completing the second leg of the course, leaving my family in India.

So, is it possible to leave behind your family and move to a different country, with a different time zone? Yes, it is! If you are passionate about what you want to achieve in life, you get your answers, in way or the other.

Is it difficult? It makes you miserable at the moment when you are leaving your kids behind while entering into the plane. When you understood that it will take you a while before hugging them again…  But once you realized how strong you are, it makes you go on. So, yes- it is very difficult, but possible.

All my skills such as self-organisation, time management and multi-tasking, that I acquired while raising my family, have proved to be a great boon while doing the course. I had weeks full of deadlines, presentations, tests, group work etc. but still, I had to include the regular, family issues in my schedule. Because you don’t stop being a mom just because of a distance!

Nobody succeeds alone – you need the support system that believes in you and trust your decisions. I have had immense support from my kids’ teachers, who have taken on the part of a surrogate mother for my kids; my friends, who hug my kids once in a while and tell them that they are brave; my kids’ doctor (famous and busy), who told me that my husband can walk in anytime without an appointment, whenever my kids get sick; my father aged 60, who decided to stay alone for one year, so my mom can look after my kids… And countless other people, who have helped me in their own ways to put me where I am today.

“…it depends on your determination” by Olasunkanmioyediran Sijuade

Taking care of 3 children and at the same time doing an MBA program is not so easy, but it is not impossible, it depends on your determination.

Ola and his wonderful family!

A good planning and preparation before starting the course is an essential. It helps to face the unknown situations, such as for example sudden changing of school schedule. Especially at that day when you have no one to look after your kids!

My family moved to Paris few years before I have started the course. Therefore my kids can speak French fluently. This is my key success factor, as I don’t have to worry about such issues as culture difference, schooling etc. We settle down here in Paris for good.

My wife starts her job at 9am while I often start my lectures at 8 am. So we share the custody of the children. While she takes them to school in the morning, I bring the kids back home in the evening, serve them a dinner and prepare for a bed time. We are also paying an extra hours in kids school, to be able to cover the timing when both of us are not available, because of a job and MBA course purpose.

Ola with kids having fun in Paris!

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