How to get the most out of your MBA program

A lot of you may hesitate whether you should quit your stable job and study a full time MBA.  I had the same struggle like many of you right now. I admit that it is never easy to leave your comfort zone; moving to a new country away from your friends and family; becoming a student again without a regular income. I am sure a lot of you may doubt yourself whether you are good enough and whether you are capable of doing that. I was excited when I received the offer from IÉSEG, at the same time I felt anxious of moving away from my home. I didn’t know if it will worth the investment and I didn’t know if it was the right decision.

No one can make the best decision for your life except yourself. Therefore, having a right attitude and mindset is critical before you determine to pursue an MBA program. My advice is to be brave and not to afraid to take risk. Below are a few tips how you can prepare yourself at the MBA:

#1 Be open and learn from others

I believe most of the MBA students will agree that we learn a lot from our colleagues. All of us are from different career background and experience. You might be a boss or someones’ manager at your home country. There is no black or white, right or wrong at the class. Be ready to lead and also ready to be led.

#2 Be curious and ask why

You may come from a human resource background and have no prior knowledge in accounting; or you may come from a fashion design background with no previous quantitative training.
We all fear things we do not understand. Don’t worry, you are not the only one. Everything will work out at the end. One thing our professors always say in class – there is no stupid question. So don’t fear to ask why.

#3 Explore your interests

You will be opened to a variety of classes presented in case studies, projects, company visits, extra circular activities in your MBA class. From finance, entrepreneurship, sustainability to business consulting, find your true passion and cultivate it. A lot of you may study an MBA for a career switch, start early to define your priorities and works on it. Time in your MBA flies!

#4 Networking

Start networking as early as you could. Your coursework might have taken up a lot of your time, but never forget networking. We study the MBA not only for personal development, but also to boost our career. Graduate school is not the same as what you did in a university for your Bachelor education. Remember that your network is your net worth.  Leverage your contact as much as you can. Going to networking events, meeting people and building contacts. Gaining and exchanging your knowledge across industries can help to open your opportunity.

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