The journey from Nairobi to Paris

It has been about one year since I left home and moved to Paris. My husband received an offer to come work and live in Paris for the foreseeable future so on 1st March 2020 we moved ready to take on this new city.

You see, France is not the first European country we had been to and we were excited to come and explore Europe for all its beauty and immerse ourselves in the culture, eat good food and learn a new language. Nothing except a few adjusting challenges could go wrong.

Barely 10 days into our move, the unexpected happened. The CDC had finally admitted that they do not have a handle on the coronavirus and we were in confinement with nothing but our suitcases. Hindsight is 20:20 and when I look back, I can’t believe we survived that. At the time, I felt the universe was messing up our opportunity to live in one of the world’s most impressive cities.  One thing it gave me is an opportunity to reflect and figure out what I wanted to do next and I decided to apply to IESEG and gain an education that will hopefully give me an upper hand when I start looking for jobs.

My classmates and I are among the few people in the world who took the leap during the pandemic and applied to study abroad, still yearning to learn and grow even with all the uncertainty in the world. IÉSEG became my escape and gave me an opportunity to meet and interact with people from across the world and the experience has been quite fulfilling.

I have learnt from my classmates and formed friendships that I can only hope last a lifetime but I am about to walk out of the school with an international paper. If you ask me, that is pretty good use of 2020/2021.

John M Richardson Jr. says, ‘when it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened’. Can you tell where I belong?

My name is Njoki Mwisywa and I come from the city under the sun: Nairobi, Kenya


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