My IMBA Story

Hello, I am Sunil, after graduating on the field of Pharmaceutical science in 2016, I spent 2 years working in India and approximate 1.5 years in different projects in Czech Republic, Portugal, Sweden, Netherlands, Japan, & Hungary. In 2020, I wanted to leave my comfort zone and was interested in gaining more skills about Leadership, Marketing & Sales.

My experience acted as a fast-track to an MBA as higher education was always my plan, but the resilience and knowledge I built in working in Europe allowed me to pursue the degree at a much earlier stage in my life. Although a lot of my friends and family thought me crazy for taking such decision but I wanted to pursue MBA to learn new skills and accept new challenges.

When it was decision time, IESEG School of Management came out as a top ranked business schools of France along with AMBA, EQUIS, AACAB Accreditation. (Triple Crown)

I was exposed to the chasm of ideas that emanates from within the IÉSEG’s walls. I am sharing a classroom with people from more than 12 countries, dined with Finance Managers, Architects, and entrepreneurs all these interactions distinguished IÉSEG from any other institution.

Advice for international MBA students looking for opportunities in Europe:

Looking back in 2019, the best recommendation I got when I was looking for carrier advice for my MBA was from a tutor of mine that said, ‘don’t look for a job that matches your criteria or experience but focus on looking for a position where you really enjoy doing that’.

I think this caused me put things into viewpoint when assessing offers not only focused on short-term checks but also long-haul possibilities.

Visa sponsorships are extreme in specific nations, so do your examination and see whether the organization you are keen on supports, which nations it can support you, and what blockers there are.

Why pursue an IMBA at IESEG School of Management?

At IÉSEG, you do not just get a business degree, you get an education, a culture, and a network that extends to business professionals, scientists, CFOs, CEOs, and many more.

I was accepted to some schools in the US & France, and making the decision is never easy, but when considering the full benefits of the MBA, the network, and school diversity, along with the good ROI in France Business schools it was a quiet easier choice to make.

The IMBA course structure also very diversified and the learnings you take with you is most important. The presence of the business school in the business hub (La Défense) of Paris is always a plus and give more exposure & visibility.

(Even though we attended most of the classes online. Here is a photo with my IMBA mates 2020-21, I am in the last row)

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