My IMBA Experience…!!!

As a techie with several years of experience building apps for mobile, I moved to France couple of years back. I come from India where peoples dream to visit Europe & especially to the City of Love Paris. I am a 29 year girl came to Paris with my better half in 2018. I was a bit excited before coming Paris but at the same time, something was tickling my mind that I am going to face my biggest fear which I will tell you at the last but I want you to guess…????

I worked at a Parisian start-up to develop their proprietary app that helps sales and marketing professionals harness technology in delivering efficient product demos.

I visited several European countries here like Switzerland and I’ve been fortunate enough to visit this central European nation in both summer and winter let me tell you, it’s hard to choose when is the best time to visit Switzerland because it is just so beautiful at any time of year Summer brings more outdoor adventures like hiking and boating while winter beauty is truly stunning with fewer tourists to boot. Perfect for non – skiers! Apart from that, I travelled to Italy, Spain, Germany which was a remarkable experience and I enjoyed the natural beauty of Germany.

After 1.5 years of working in Paris, I have decided to pursue MBA where I get to learn and work in different sectors and industries. I found the international MBA course interesting, with wide variety of courses and diversified students. My motivation to pursue International MBA at IESEG is to better understand businesses, and come up with solutions for real world problems. I hope to gain management skills which along with my tech acumen help me achieve this objective. That was a summary of my IMBA journey to IESEG. By the way I am Ramya P. and if you remember I asked you to guess my biggest fear hope many of you guessed correctly……No, it’s not “home sickness” not every girl is homesick…it’s the “freezing cold of Europe”…However, today on 9th Feb 2021 probably I faced the coldest day of my life and it was not too easy for me to walk home in this icy temperature of -5degree Celsius. 


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