Is this the right time to start IMBA?

This is the most common question in everyone’s mind & especially in the current time before starting a new program in a foreign country and the most important question is “are we at the end of Pandemic?”. I am not sure whether it’s the end or not but I can say that we have to adopt few changes in our lifestyle and of course the fear of the COVID 19 is almost ending for the world.

The concern is always about conduct classes in the current time but the hybrid classrooms of IESEG School of Management made it easier. Online classes become even easier and somehow we have already adopted the online system since the beginning of the pandemic.

We all know, we have been through the painful year 2020, and the major countries in the world are dealing with economic slowdown along with France. The overall GDP of the wealthy countries is started growing slowly and we are expecting a descent growth in the next quarters.

Source: CGTN

Well, maybe you are going to ask your friend and relatives whether you should peruse with the course or not and you will get some suggestions but what is most important here to believe on yourself and take a decision and start thinking about your ROI.

There is no doubt the economy of France and other European Union countries started growing and a lot of opportunities in several fields are going to start. You never know what waits for you. If specifically, we will speak about the IMBA program of IESEG, it a proper combination of all the courses and structured enough to gain a lot personally & professionally.


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