My IMBA Journey

What was the product that took you a very long time to choose and decide before you buy? This was one of the questions that we discussed in the course of Consumer Behavior during the confinement period. My immediate answer was IMBA programme. I was born and grown up in Malaysia, a multicultural country with different religions, foods, and languages from diverse ethnic groups. It took me a year to decide to take this IMBA programme as I was struggling to burn all my savings and convince myself that this was the necessary step in my career planning. Yet I decided to take the programme as I was looking forward to meeting new interesting friends and professors as well as to live up my life in a romantic city. This IMBA Class 2019 (aka Corona Class 2020) allows me to meet 50 interesting individuals coming from diverse nationalities and we had so much fun in both classes and gatherings. I am lucky to befriend and learn from a few who constantly sharing their life motivation and positive energy with me and I thankful for those who lend their hands to support me all the time. I think everyone would have agreed that learning virtual in the second semester is an unforgettable experience in our life, despite the pandemic situation, the IMBA journey still come to an end in May 2020. Soon everyone is going into separate ways and start their new chapters, let’s learn a quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt: The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. Let us move forward with strong and active faith.

Jia Hui is an IMBA student who worked in telecommunication and NGO sectors. She loves to travel around and welcome to visit her country, Malaysia.

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