Escape Room

The project was developed by a team of different professional disciplines, which was able to carry out different important tasks among themselves and to achieve a consistent road map in order to achieve the objectives of the activity.

Escape room: Fly Issues is the name of the following activity developed by our team, which is made up of Viviana Sarmiento, Eliana Parra, Jean Piere Lopez, Andrea Moncayo and Bruno Beach. This activity is focused on teamwork that develops different skills within the theme of an escape room.

The escape rooms are activities where the knowledge, creativity and logic of the participants are tested to solve tests, in a cyclical order in order to escape from the room.

The team divided tasks which were fundamental for the correct management of time and activities, which are divided into two: Pre-productive and productive activities.

Although the development was complex, the task of the activity was accomplished, and five teams of five people were able to develop the Escape Room satisfactorily without interruptions.

The Escape Room challenge was completed by only one team, three others were very close and one managed to exceed half the activity. The corresponding results of each one are reflected in the development of this document.


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