IMBA 2020- Diversity in Education, Cultures and Work experiences

IMBA class of 2020 hosts a very diverse and multilingual group of students. There are total 45 students in the class who come from 22 different nationalities. The benefits of diversity stretch far and wide especially in an IMBA class. We are not only learning the theories and practical knowledge important for our future careers, but we are also learning from each other. Different educational backgrounds and work experiences help us know about the prospects and learning outcomes of different professions in different countries, whereas interaction among cultures not only make us more accepting but also challenge our views which we are accustomed to.

Some of us from the class, our background and experiences

I am Zeeshan Javaid from Pakistan. My educational background is in Economics and Political Science. I always had a craze for entrepreneurship so after completing my studies, I started my own startup. It was a construction business which provided bespoke and turnkey houses. The startup attracted many investors and currently I am running a company with the name of “Innovators’ which, in addition to making residential and commercial building also imports construction material from partner firms in China. I felt a need to do MBA to improve my skills and gain international experience. Luckily, MBA from IESEG has provided me exactly with what I needed. I not only got a very interactive and learning class environment but also made amazing friends from different countries.

Leaving behind my fulfilling job and came all alone to Paris is definitely one of my impulsive, courageous decisions. 7 years key account management role enabled me extensive insights and knowledge in flavor and protein industry, setting in the most vibrant and flourishing city, Shanghai. Everything seemed to be fascinating, while somehow an idea of going back to school and living abroad occurred to me, and it haunted me for quite a while without losing any attraction, despite numerous “ what if “, I decided to grasp this opportunity. Now I am right in the middle of my MBA study, which is far more extensive and intensive at the same time, making me realize I am learning in an impressive way. Effie Tour still charms me every glimpse of it , strolling along the delectable Seine, and veritable french cuisine… … Joining IESEG, coming to Paris is one of my smartest decision!


My name is Yauheni and I am from Belarus. I have degrees in Customs Administration and Economics. My professional background is foreign economic activity and customs brokerage. As a part of a logistics company in Saint-Petersburg, Russia I consulted clients on import and export legislation, and coordinated customs clearance procedures. After some time in a professional life, it is human nature to seek comfort. But I truly believe that in order to be successful you have to get out of your own world. This is why I am here. I see an MBA program at IÉSEG School of Management as a perfect opportunity to extend my network, connect with professionals from diverse industries and learn from word-class professors in an inspiring environment.

I´m Alberto Rodriguez, I´m 27 years old. I come from Monterrey, Mexico. My professional experience is on finance I worked as a financial analyst for almost 4 years at Softtek a Global IT enterprise. I studied a semester of my career in Paris in 2014 and decided to come back to France to study my MBA at IESEG.

Hello! My name is Lenece and I am from the beautiful island of Antigua located in the West Indies. I am a true island woman at heart but currently searching for new adventure and experiences. My educational background is in Hospitality and Tourism Management and my work experience is in the field of Human Resources at two luxury hotels. My main responsibilities were recruitment, industrial relations, payroll processing and managing human resource information systems. I decided to attend IESEG because I wanted to gain international experience and deepen my knowledge of business; learning a new language was definitely a plus. My next goal is to work within the Travel or IT sector in France.
The island of Antigua has a population of approximately 100,000 people and has warm tropical weather all year round. My culture values family, food, music and of course Carnival! The island’s main industry is tourism and we pride ourselves on having 365 beaches; yes, one for every day of the year. My favourite hobbies are lounging on the beach with a good book or cruising over the clear blue waters with my close friends. I also love giving back to my community through Rotaract Club of Antigua, practicing yoga and traveling the world. I’ve been to 18 countries and my goal is to reach 30 by the age of 30, wish me luck!

Hello everyone, my name is Nipoan Chheng. I come from Cambodia. I was born and raised in Cambodia and I lived 6 years in France for a bachelor degree in economics – and a master degree in international trade. I spent 6 months in China as an assistant brand manager. I worked almost 4 years in Cambodia, where the first 2 years I acted as a Sale and marketing manager the an F&B leaders and two other years where I was the Executive Director at the British Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia. Currently doing an MBA at ieseg business school in Paris”

Bonjour tout le mond, I am Sandipan Mondal from Kolkata, India. I have a bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Computer Science major). Post my graduation, I worked as a Software Engineer and then as a System Analyst in Accenture for about 3 years, where I was working on data warehousing and data management systems. Thereafter I worked as a Technology Consultant and then as a Senior Technology Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers, India, for a year, where I was working mostly on Reporting. My journey in this industry started with data flows, data propagation and data management, and then gradually delved into reporting, analysis and consulting. The desire to jump up in the management hierarchy and achieve the means to bring about actual changes in a firm fuelled me to pursue MBA. Post this course, I wish to get my career ahead in Management or Strategy Consulting and contribute to the growth and development of my firms’ business, corporate and social responsibility strategies to the best of my abilities. In my leisure, I enjoy going for treks, watching movies and series, reading books, and playing cricket, football and table tennis.

Hello! I am Cristiane from Brazil. I am a business analyst with an extensive background in technology and Digital Transformation. In my career I had the opportunity to work with challenging projects both national and international. This gave me a desire to understand more about the main differences, challenges and approaches to efficiently generate results in an international context. Last year, I finally had the courage to invest on it, by applying to an MBA in Paris. I chose IESEG for several reasons, the most important being its location in Paris and the exposure to many different cultures that allow us to share and gain knowledge. So far I am not regretfull, I`ve met some amazing people (colleagues and professors) and I hope future steps will allow me to put into practice this new set of tools !

My name is Sai Prateeka and I am from India. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering after which I have worked for 7 years in IT industry in India.Having been fascinated by idea of setting up my own business, I decided to do my MBA and chose IESEG School of Management. It has been a wonderful journey so far and learnt a lot from people coming from different cultures. I am thankful to the school for giving me an opportunity to work with people from different countries. In my free time, I like to explore new places and go shopping.


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