“United colors of IESEG”

I often call my class “United colors of Benetton”. Initially, Benetton was a small Italian company that produced hand-knitted wool sweaters in classic colors. In 1991, Benetton launched an international magazine calls “Colors” that was dedicated to its multi-racial and multi-cultural attitude. And that’s the way I see my class today. As total mix of people from all around the world!

We are 25 people from 6 different continents. Poland, UK, Turkey,
Kurdistan Iraq, Hong-Kong, India, Philippines, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, USA, Nigeria, South Africa, Maroco, Australia. People with different language, different skin color, different culture and religion, different state of mind… But with similar dream. Come to Paris and join IÉSEG! 
We all strive to develop priceless management skills, to experience a new country and its culture, to open the door to thriving careers and get access to a extensive business network.

Who are we and why we are here?

“Hello everyone 😊 I am Thomas Manalac from the Philippines! With an extensive background in financial and credit analysis, I now envisage applying these analytical skills in the field of business development for utility firms with a specialization in renewable energy. My previous work experience as a credit analysis head exposed me to power and energy deals/transactions amounting to more than USD 3 billion.”

“My name is Alexandra Reuter, I am from Colorado, USA. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with dual concentrations in marketing and real estate. I spent the first five years of my career working in real estate brokerage both residential and commercial; currently I have my own LLC that includes brokerage and property management. I previously lived in Paris as an au pair, and fell in the love with the city. I chose to study for a MBA abroad to develop a competitive advantage and to have the intangible experience that comes from being in an international classroom. After the MBA I am interested in changing career paths, either in Paris or in the US. In my free time I enjoy running, yoga, pottery and travel.”

“My name is Jack and I am from the UK. Having always been fascinated by business in an international context, I had dreamt of doing an MBA abroad for some time. The opportunity to live and study in France, amongst a diverse group of classmates, has already taught me so much and I cannot wait to continue my development at IESEG.”

“My name is Mauricio, right now I’m 8,600 km from home country Bogota, still, I’m feeling the warmth of my new family I’ve met here. I worked in a new subsidiary from a multinational company for 4 years and it is true what everyone says: life is It’s a marathon, not a sprint!!!”

“It has been an amazing experience to be studying my IMBA at IÉSEG School of Management after 7 years of working at a University in Colombia. Learning every day from my classmates, teachers and French culture makes the effort worth it!
I will definitely recommend this experience 😊- Gycel”

Rawaz from
Kurdistan Iraq

“My decision to study IMBA at IESEG, at this point in my career, is precisely based on a question ‘Where I would be the in next five years’. A four year of professional work experience in the cement manufacturing business, has given me the knowledge and the command to cope with modern business challenges  especially when I was a procurement manager at the procurement department of LafargeHolcim – Iraq, yet I feel that the current fast growing and competitive business world needs vital strategic thinking and adaptation to change.
I choose IESEG because first it is one of the successful business schools in Paris with having intense academic programs. Second, IESEG, as the first Kurdish student from Kurdistan- Iraq, gives me the opportunity to become a part of a diverse group and prepare me for future career in multinational cooperation. However, being away from your home country and dealing with other people from different nationalities and backgrounds is not easy. But the important asset of the program in terms of its dynamic, ambitious, and fun group of young professionals worth your time, money and effort.
Above all, don’t forget the beautiful city of Love ( Paris), classic Parisian cafés, Eiffel Tower and delicious Crème brûlée “- Rawaz

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